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GECAMTools is an Application Programming Interface (API) for GECAM data. Implemented via python3, this tool is designed to allow the general users to incorporate analysis of GECAM data into their own scripts and workflows without having to sweat very many details. To this end, the tool has a high-level API layer that allows user to read, simplify and visualize GECAM data with just a few lines of code. For experts and users who wish to have fine-grained control over various aspects of their analysis, this tool also provides a lower-level API layer. This tool currently implements the basic functions of data analysis, including time conversion, viewing light curves, viewing energy spectrums, generating response files and generating energy spectrum files for fitting the spectrum.

In addition, the versatility of GECAMTools is also considered. The data interface of this tool is currently applicable to events data, many functions could be extended to data from other instruments through inherited structures. Even if the data file definition is different from the GECAM file, redefining the loading interface of the file will allow subsequent analysis using this tool.

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